I'm new to this whole baking and cooking thing but I made some bomb @$$ banana bread yesterday. However, a struggle quickly ensued in my kitchen.

When I'm cooking in the kitchen, I'm out of my element. I'm not always aware of the dangers that are looming and dooming around every corner in that room.

Here's how the battle went down. I grabbed my recipe box and found my favorite banana bread recipe and all of my ingredients. I  followed the directions perfectly and even pre-heated the oven which I sometimes don't do. I knew this batch of bread was going to be amazing--I could already taste it.

I slowly poured the batter into the bread tin, put the dirty bowl in the sink, opened the oven door and that's when things took a turn for the worst. When I slid the pan onto the oven rack I felt burning pain on my left hand. I pulled my hand quickly out of the oven and frantically turned on the cold water faucet. I realized I had just burned TWO of my fingers. Now, I've got two lines burned onto my left hand that I'm guessing will be there in all of my wedding pictures. Oh great.

So, that's my epic baking battle THIS week. How have you injured yourself in the kitchen? Share your story by commenting below!