We know Matt Blair was a great football player. In fact, he played all 12 seasons of his career right here in Minnesota with the Vikings. But there's more to Matt than just a quick on his feet linebacker. He's also talented in other areas!

Earlier this summer I attended the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis. Booth after booth of folks with more talent in their little finger than I will ever hope to have. Art of all kinds. And most of it came with a fairly hefty price tag. My pocketbook just didn't carry that kind of cash.

And yet, I was determined to buy something of meaning on that day. There were some smaller pieces of art that were affordable, but nothing that spoke to me. Until I came across Matt Blair's tent.

He's an amazing photographer. A lot of wildlife and landscape. He had me at wildlife. And although I couldn't afford some of the biggest pieces of art to hang on my wall (oooh, they were so beautiful), I did take home a smaller photo.




It was perfect. Combining my love of animals with my love of the Vikings. A wildlife photo taken by Matt Blair. And signed on the back! I left the art fair feeling quite content. And maybe I'll save my nickels for next year, and buy a couple more photos from Matt.