Every now and then, we all complain about our job a little bit.

We may not necessarily like one of our co-workers, or maybe we just don't want to go back to work on Mondays, after an eventful weekend, no doubt. But no matter how much we may complain, we know that we will usually make it to work on Monday morning. We have to.

But, there is a man in Vienna, Austria that made sure he would not have to go back to his old job. He sawed off his foot.

That's right - according to reports - the 56 year old man used an electric saw in his workshop at home to sever his own foot, then he called an ambulance.

How horrible must that phone call have been, eh?

Some of find papercuts to be too painful to bare - and this dude just cuts his foot off with a saw?

Anyway, surgeons were unable to reattach the foot...........which this guy was probably thankful for, because then he would've had to go back to work!

You may hate your job, but I bet you've never tried to make yourself an amputee, because of it.