I know for a fact that my wife would never allow it, but there’s been a lot of hype around husbands deciding not to wear their wedding bands. According to experts, people just don’t value the symbolism in a ring like they used to back in the day. Here's what most guys are using as their reasoning “I know I’m married, everybody else knows I’m married. I just don’t have no desire to wear it at all.”

In Kristin Wong's recent article on msn.com she mentions an interview with a guy named Richard Rhodes who has been happily married for 15 + years and says he hasn’t worn his ring since he got married. “I took it off right after the reception and I ain’t seen it since,” said Rhodes. Now some guys have legit reasons for not wearing their wedding bands, either they don't fit anymore or they work at a job where its not allowed etc.

The wedding ring is not just a symbol of love and commitment for married couples; it’s also an “off-limits” sign for singles. Psychiatrist Gary Malone says that when a man decides not to wear his ring, it’s usually because he wants to “present himself as not married.” That always been my wife's argument. I'm one of those guys that feel naked without my wedding ring on and if I walk out of the house without it, I will go right back in and put it on.

So ladies how do you feel about your husband not wearing his wedding ring? Is it a big deal or a deal breaker?