I was recently at Verizon Wireless World updating my kids smartphones, and getting my son Drew a new phone. Sarah, whose become one of my great friends, was finding ways to lower my bill while getting me the new phones, and was able to throw in HUM free for a year. I had no idea how handy HUM would be....but now I think it's great!


Sarah set up my HUM account, hooked up the small hum device to my vehicle...and amazingly, I now have Bluetooth, 24 hour roadside assistance, and a constant check on all of my systems in my car. HUM basically keeps you updated on small problems with your vehicle, before they turn into big problems. You have an emergency call button, and even the ability to locate your vehicle if it's stolen.  Typically it costs around $10 a month with a few start up fees.


The HUM app lets you access diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and vehicle location history right from your smartphone. It does a lot more that I haven't even tried to learn yet.


The Hum speaker fits on your visor. Just press a button and you have access to emergency help. Also, if you don't have Bluetooth in your car, you do now! safe hands free Bluetooth for your smartphone. Very cool. I accidentally hit the call button, and had them talk me through how to shut it off...but it was cool that it worked!


OBD stands for, The On Board Diagnostic reader. The device plugs into your cars OBD port, which, in my car, is right below the steering column; the same place where mechanics plug in when they need to diagnose your vehicle. You just keep HUM plugged in so it can keep you protected at all times.

HUM is compatible with most vehicles 1996 and newer, and you can check your vehicles compatibility on the hum website, by clicking HERE now.