Now that all of the Christmas gifts have been opened, the wrapping paper recycled and placed neatly in the ribbon drawer, you should say thank you for what you've received. Here's how to write a proper thank you note, even if it is for something that you don't like. 

Don't Wait

If you haven't written a thank you note yet, now is as good of a time as any. I remember getting back from our honeymoon and that was the first task on my plate. Everything is still fresh in your mind as to who gave you what, so the sooner you sit down and write those notes the easier it will be. It's also going to be easier to focus on what you want to say, rather than apologizing for waiting to write.

Write Like You Speak

If you speak in a more casual word track, that's how you should write the note. No need to use formal language. If you're more likely to say "Thanks for the cash, Grandma!" that's the way you should write out the note. Instead of "Thank you ever so much for the generous monetary gift." Grandma's going to see right through it. Say your words out loud before you write them down so it makes sense and your message is clear. Glen thought I was off my rocker because I was talking to myself as I wrote out our thank you notes, but it really helped a lot. So does writing the notes without distractions like people sitting in the next room.

Be Sincere

Don't be so sugary sweet it sounds fake, but if you really loved the gift, say so and mention how you're going to put it to use. If it's a gift you don't really like, don't tell them in a thank you note. Save that for another time. Don't think that masking your dissatisfaction with the gift by going over the top gushing about it is going to work, either because then you're likely to get more of the same in the future. Just find something nice to say about it and if you can't think of anything, it's best to say it was thoughtful.

Go Snail Mail

When we ordered our wedding invitations, we also ordered thank you notes with our return address already printed on them. It was actually part of our invitation package. It definitely saved us money, lent a note of personalization and elegance and saved a ton of writing. If you're writing to a few people to thank them for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, etc.; it's best to go with the U.S. Postal Service. Plus, when all most people get in the mail is junk and bills, it's a nice surprise.


Keep It Short and Simple. No need to go into great detail. Just a few short sentences to express your gratitude will do it. Feel free to write more if you'd like, but it's not necessary.