Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. The sun is at a great angle, everything is spiced with one thing or another, there are vegetables abound and the fashion is so interesting. We can start with a coat in the morning, but shed it in the afternoon to reveal a great blazer and a statement necklace. Here are a few ideas to ease you into the trends of fall 2013.


I love coats. Even though I hate super cold weather, I am a big fan of coats. We have to wear them, so why not make it cute? Plus, there are so many different ways to wear them this fall. If you’re like me and stick to basics like black, white, brown and blue when it comes to our every day clothing, you can still do a basic neutral color, but think of cool accents like fur and leather. Of course, if you’re conservative with your every day clothing, a place to add a little kook is your coat. Don’t be afraid of a color like red or blue, an oversized parka, or experimentation with lengths and textures. Don’t pile on loud, eye catching accessories on top of a statement coat or you’ll look overdone. Tip: When looking for a good, cold weather coat, buy the highest amount of wool you can afford. Anything higher than 75 percent is going to be warm and wear like steel. If you’re going for a down parka, look for a fill count over 500.


Prints are great because they can camouflage what’s going on underneath. Florals and bold stripes were all over the place for spring and summer and now it’s time for the classics to come back. When you’re looking for a skirt, coat, hat, bag, suit or sweater dress; don’t be afraid of a classic print like a plaid, tartan plaid or houndstooth check. Menswear can be incredibly chic and modern as long as you keep feminine touches like high heels and jewelry with it. If you still have leopard print pieces in your closet, don’t sell them off just yet. Leopard is still one of the hottest prints on the runway. Tip: One at a time, please. If you’re wearing a houndstooth skirt suit; keep your blouse, tights, shoes and bag solid.


Don’t let the trees get all of the attention. Jewel tones are huge right now; especially emerald green. Emerald green looks great with lots of different colors and was named the top color for 2013. Amethyst, garnet and sapphire are all hot right now, too. If you’re afraid to wear such bold colors on your body, don’t be afraid to try the shades with a manicure, sharply tailored bag or shoes. Tip: Emerald green can work great against a navy or cream, but don’t be shy about pairing it with other jewel tones.


I was terrified of peplum when it first came out, but once it was explained to me and I was shown how to wear it, I calmed down. Peplum burst on the scene in a huge way last fall and it’s still going strong because it’s great at hiding imperfections, highlighting an hourglass figure, and giving stick straight women the illusion of hips. Where the peplum is placed on the garment can have an impact on how it looks with your figure. Tip: If you don’t like it on one type of garment, don’t give up. Try it on a dress, skirt, sweater or blouse to see which one suits your style best.


When I used to think about leather, the phrase “biker chick” came to mind. Now, leather can be worn in so many different ways, it’s more like “biker chic”. Leather can be sporty, edgy and even feminine, but again, just like peplum, you have to try it on in different ways to find the one that works best for you. A leather blazer paired with a pencil skirt and a feminine blouse is office appropriate. So is a leather pencil skirt paired with a blazer and feminine blouse. You can also do a cropped moto jacket with a dressy tee, ankle pants and shoe booties for date night. Tip: A nubby or tweed shift dress with a leather accent is also a great way to wear the trend without going all out.

What’s Your Favorite Fall Trend?