While you're eating Christmas dinner, frosting those cookies or getting up those last minute decorations, you're bound to spill. It happens. Here are a few common stains you may run into these next couple of days and how to get rid of them.

Deal with the stain as soon as it happens or as soon as you notice it. Don't wait.

So, you're having a cup of cheer in the form of some eggnog, you're a little rambunctious and you spill. Grab a rag and blot it. Then soak it in some cold water with a little bit of laundry detergent. A half an hour should do it. Just wash it like you normally would, but don't put it in the dryer. The heat will set the stain. I learned this with chocolate milk and I wrecked my favorite pair of pants.

If you're having wine or beer as part of your Christmas dinner and someone spills? For red wine, you're supposed to pour boiling water on the stain, but not if it's going to make the colors run. Then clean the stain with cold water and dish soap. This one came in handy when someone spilled on my parents' white berber carpet. I thought my mother was going to have a bird. White wine isn't so bad, but it can still get sticky. Pour some cold water on the stain and then blot at it with a rag. For beer, use 10 parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide and blot until you can't see the stain anymore. Then let it air dry.

Candles can add an element of fancy to your Christmas dinner, but they can also be a little messy. This one is super slick. If you spill candle wax, scrape as much as you can off the surface with a butter knife, then get out your iron and a paper bag. Turn your iron on to the lowest setting and put the paper bag over the wax. Gently run your iron over it a few times. You should see the wax sticking to the bag. Keep treating until all the wax is gone.

Gravy always makes everything better. That is until you spill it. When you spill the gravy, wipe it off right away, but don't grind it in. Soak the stain over night and wash the item according to the label directions. What happens if it spills on the carpet? Sprinkle some baking soda on it and then wait about 15 minutes, then blot at it with a rag.

Do you have any clever ways to get rid of food stains?