Your sister has told you she’s pregnant so now you have a baby shower to throw. You’re not exactly sure how to throw a shower because you’ve never been truly excited to spend three hours cooing over onesies and layettes, but it’s your sisterly duty to have the party. Here’s how. 


People have busy lives and aren’t going to put them on hold for cold cuts, chips and punch. Some may, but the trend now is to do brunch because it’s informal and doesn’t take up a whole afternoon. Set the food up buffet style and do smaller foods like scones, quiche cups, cream puffs, mini frittatas, and bacon and egg tea sandwiches. Have both hot and iced coffee and green tea to drink, or a brunch staple Bloody Marys (as long as the Mom-to-Be doesn’t object). For dessert, skip the cake and go for a donut hole tree. For decorations, keep it simple. Don’t use name cards; let guests sit where they’d like. Find a color family and stick with it, but mix up the shades.


You can still do a shower luncheon, just class up the menu a bit. Try tea sandwiches or cucumber sandwiches (super refreshing on a hot summer day!) and an assortment of salads. Have sangria, margaritas, and spritzers to sip (alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on the wishes of the Mom to Be) and for dessert, angel food cake, strawberry shortcake or petit fours. For decorations, go floral. Who cares if they aren’t real? Paper, washcloths and a fake flowers can all make cute flower decorations.

Evening Cocktails (or Mocktails)

For this one you can go coed, because I don’t know of a man who would skip and evening cocktail party – especially if he gets to drink someone else’s liquor. Offer cool and simple appetizers, dips and spreads for crackers and small breads, bruschetta and gourmet popcorn. Mocktails like cucumber punch and nonalcoholic mojitos are super refreshing on warm summer evenings. Martinis are a very popular drink right now and if you’re having a boy the Baby Blue is highly recommended. It’s gin, curacao, pineapple juice and pink grapefruit juice. If she’s having a girl, the She’s Ready to Pop is good, too. Make your traditional martini with vodka, add a few drops of sweet vermouth and stick a cherry or strawberry Charms Blow Pop in the glass for flavor. For dessert boozy popsicles are all the rage nowadays, but of course the Mom to Be can’t imbibe, so, fun regular popsicles are good to have too. For decorations, surround the patio with luminaries and paper lanterns.

It’s also a good idea when you’re captain of the ship to ask for committees so it’s not just you doing everything. Have two guests in charge of decorations, two guests in charge of beverages and cocktails and four guests in charge of food. It just runs smoother and everyone takes ownership.

Do you have any fun and creative baby shower ideas?