Valentine's Day is now nine days away and it's a big day for getting engaged. If you haven't already picked up the bling and aren't sure if she wants you to ask, here are a few ways to tell she wants you to ask.

All of her friends are getting married and "it's just, like, the best thing, EVER!" You should hear, "I want to get married!" She keeps talking about her sister's wedding day, can't stop looking at dresses, or is working hard on losing weight something's up. Dating expert Tracey Steinberg says that getting excited for a friend getting married is a normal thing, but if she keeps talking about it, how much fun the planning is, or how wonderful being engaged may be, she wants you to ask, too.

If you're watching TV and she keeps asking "What if..." If she keeps talking about the future, your five year plan, or becomes the master of hypothetical scenarios, she's cooking something in her fantastical brain. Tracey says that this isn't a bad thing, your lady is just looking for ways to talk about a sensitive subject. She adds that, "Asking about your desires for the future is a classic indicator that she sees you in hers."

Speaking of watching TV, during the commercials, if you don't get up to get a beer, go to the bathroom or get her slippers and a commercial comes on for a jewelry store, she's going to react. If she keeps remarking about how cute or sweet the commercial is or how creatively he proposed in the commercial, you should hear, "I want to get married!"

Women are very good at trying to say what we want without saying what they want. We know you're not mind readers, but at least try and take a hint. If we say to you "I can't imagine what I would do without you" you should hear, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Let's get married!" If she talks about how much you mean to her happiness, you should hear, "Let's get married!"

If she keeps dropping these hints, you should understand that if you did propose that she would say yes.