If you have a Company Christmas party coming up, rule number one? Don't get wasted, but do feel free to eat what you want and follow these five tips to make a good impression.

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    Dress Up

    Don't just go in your work clothes. Actually dress up and wear something a little nicer than what you would wear to the office. Ideally, something festive but professional but not an ugly Christmas sweater (unless that's the theme).

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    Go Alone if You Want To

    Don't feel like you have to bring a date. Plus if the person you bring does something idiotic, it's going to reflect poorly on you. If you just started to date someone and you bring them to the party, try and keep a lid on the canoodling.

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    Overspend a Little on Your Secret Santa Gift

    Don't go overboard, but feel free to overspend by five or ten bucks. That way you'll likely bring something that's a little nicer than the other gifts, but not so nice that it's completely obvious.

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    Don't Talk About Work

    Work talk is for the office, so try not to talk about it when everyone is trying to celebrate. Instead, talk about your life outside of work so everyone knows you have one, or, better yet (since people like to talk about themselves or their kids) ask coworkers questions about them.

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    Don't Call in Sick the Next Day

    If you think you may be getting sick, don't go to the party because if you're healthy enough to go to the party, you're healthy enough to come to work. If you forgot rule number one and you do end up getting drunk, it's especially important for you to be at work the next day. If you don't show up to work you're never going to hear the end of it.

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