If you're like me, sometimes when you go out shopping and see something you just have to have, you don't know how you're going to use it, but you know there's a use for it somewhere, here are a few ways to use those things. 

Do you have a serving tray? Me either. When guests come over, I would love a serving tray for coffee, tea or snacks, but the days of silver serving trays have gone by the wayside. Here's the remedy for that. Find a large picture frame with an interesting pattern on it and remove the glass. Lay the frame on some newspaper and coat the frame with silver spray paint. Give it a couple of good coats and don't forget the spray sealer so the paint doesn't chip. When the frame is dry, take a piece of pretty wrapping paper and glue it on to the backing so it shows through the glass on the front. Now you have a pretty silver serving tray.

You no doubt have gadgets and electronics that have cords for connecting to your computer, or the wall or the laptop. If you're like me, you probably kept them in a bin in your home office. When you needed one, it was tangled with the rest of the cords. What a pain, right? When you're finished with a roll of toilet paper or paper towel, don't put the core in the recycling. Make a cut up one side lengthwise, fold up the cord and then label what the cord is for on the outside of the roll and stick it back in the bin. No more tangles!

When you're finished with the ketchup, don't just toss the plastic bottle in the garbage or leave it out for the recycling truck. Thoroughly wash it out and then the next time you have pancakes, use the ketchup bottle as a batter dispenser. Way cleaner than trying to scoop or pour the batter straight from the bowl on to the griddle. No drips!

Plastic bags breed when you aren't looking. We had so many taking up space in our closet, I finally got sick of looking at them and recycled all but about five. They're great for trash bags for small wastebaskets in the bathroom or bedroom, and if you have a dog, they're fantastic for poop. The next time you have an empty box of Kleenex, use it as a pop up plastic bag dispenser. Put plastic bags inside the box and keep it near the leashes so you don't forget them the next time you take your dog out for walk.

Finally, do you or your daughter have lots of necklaces and bracelets? They always get tangled in the jewelry box. Grab a cork board and some spray paint in a favorite color or color that matches the bedroom. Spray the board and let it dry completely. Hang it up, grab some tacks and use it as an organizer for necklaces and bracelets.