When we moved in to our house, we met all of the neighbors and I am super at remembering names, Glen on the other hand isn't and he still teases me because he says I know all of the neighbors' names, their kids' names and their dog's name. It's true. I do. So, if you're not great at remembering someone's name, here are a few tricks to help you out. 

Neighbors, OK, you don't have to know EVERYONE'S name, but if it's relating to business, it looks bad if you call someone Joe and their name is Efram or something. First of all, focus when they're saying their name and introducing themselves. You could miss an important detail.

Next, repeat the name. So, if someone says, "Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm 33, I'm a cancer, I work at Townsquare Media, I'm married and I live with my husband near St. Cloud." That's a lot of information to get in 15 seconds, but all you have to do is say,"Hi, Jennifer. It's nice to meet you. So, Jennifer, you say you're a cancer. So am I. When is your birthday?" Or you can repeat it in your head. If it's an unusual or interesting name, ask them to spell it for you.

If you know someone else with that name, think of that. Even if you don't know someone with that name, think of someone famous name. I had a coworker who always said "Jay-Lo" when he saw me. Now, obviously I don't look like Jennifer Lopez, but if it helped him remember my name, so be it. There's also Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Capriati (tennis pro) or Jennifer Grey.

Play the rhyming game if you can't think of someone else with the name or someone famous with the name. Don't say the rhyme out loud, but if it's a crazy rhyme, you're more likely to remember their name. If you just met them, don't tell them about the rhyme, either. Save that for a few years down the road when you're better friends.

Find something unusual about the person. Whether it's a physical feature or a personality quirk, you can remember their name that way. For example: I was friends with a kid in junior high and my sister was friends with his older brother, so my sister was "Laughing Loud Lisa" and "Laughing Loud Lisa's Little Sister". They never remembered my name, but they knew who I was!