Ever wonder how stars pronounce their names? Me too. So I looked it up, and it turns out I had a few of them wrong. I had figured out the Demi/De-mee thing a long time ago, but there were a few others I wasn't certain of. Here are some of the most mispronounced celebrity names--and the correct way to say them.

Rhianna.  Ree-ANNA   final word.

Amanda Seyfried gets peeved when people butcher her last name. SIGH-fred

Ralph Fiennes. His name isn't Ralph, it's Rayf. Bloody Americans.

Martin Scorsese. Not Skor-SAY-see--it's Skor-SEH-see

Demi or Demi?   Demi Lovato calls herself Demi.  Demi Moore calls herself Duh-MEE

Gotye.  Go-tee-YAY

Zooey Deschanel.  Do not think of a zoo. Her name is Zoh-e

Shia LaBeouf    Shy-uh  Luh-buff