We’ve all had those days where we just feel like a big fat pig. We’re not, but we still feel bloated and fat. Here are some ways to beat the feeling of bloat. 

One time I told Glen to throw some water on me because I felt like a beached whale, but having a “fat day” is all in your head, according to researchers at University College London. So here are a few ways to turn a Fat Day into a Fab Day.

Pick A Color

Certain colors and the way they’re worn can trick the eye. For example, red is a great color. It’s one of my favorites and experts say wearing red nail polish, red lipstick or a great red dress can boost your confidence and make you feel more bold. Author and style expert Jacqui Stafford says that red “commands respect” and "Wearing a rich, deep color like red gets you noticed and shows that you're a risk taker.” She wrote a great book called The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget which hits shelves in February of next year, but in the mean time, you can keep up with her on YouBeauty.

Wear A Belt

Jacqui says that most women don’t want to wear a belt when they’re feeling “blobby” but it reminds you that you do have a waist and your body has a shape. The most narrow part of your waist is just under your bust, so one way I wear a belt on a fat day is to find something in my closet that’s body skimming but not baggy and belt it just under my bust to pull the eye in and make you look more hour glass shaped.


Accessories like shoes, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are just about the most fat proof things that we own, so if you have something like that in your wardrobe, find your favorite and wear it proudly. Plus, fantastic accessories distract from your figure and Stafford adds that they highlight the parts of your body that you do love.

Try Tailored

Do you have a blazer that you love? If you have one that’s nipped in the sides or just makes you feel good, pairing that with a great blouse and high waisted trouser pants with a great pair of shoes, a nice necklace and your favorite earrings is a wonderful way to start your day and you aren’t “wearing your mood”. The right blazer can be really flattering, so keep a couple in your closet. I’m a little bigger on top and thicker around the middle like a lot of women I know (they’re called curves) so try and stick with a single breasted blazer. Double breasted just makes you look bigger and won’t help you at all on a “fat day”.

Think Thin

The Journal of Obesity says that if we think we're fat, we're more likely to gain weight, so don't. There are ways to think yourself thin. Get some realistic pictures of what you want your body to look like and then write down a realistic number of pounds that you'd like to lose. Again, be realistic. Another way is smaller plates that aren't white. Get eight inch plates, not ten inch plates. Eight inch plates fill up quicker so your plate will look fuller with less food and you'll trick your brain into thinking you've eaten more food than you actually have. And finally, my favorite, be messy. Leave your food wrappers out to remind yourself how much you've eaten. Now, I'm not saying to turn your house into a hoarder house, but when you're snacking, leave your wrappers out.

Fake It

No one but you has to know that you’re having a fat day, so pretend like you own every room and be confident. Smile and say hi to strangers, make a funny face at a child or start a project you’ve been putting off. When someone smiles back, you hear a kid laughing or you finally cross something off your to do list, how can you not feel good? If all of that fails, there’s always Spanx.

Every one has an off day here and there. Don’t let it permeate your whole life. You’re a beautiful and smart woman. You do good things for your little part of the world. Don’t ever forget that.