It's Friday night. Date night. And you have a date with a pizza, your sweats and season five of Breaking Bad. That's fine if you're sick, but you're not. You're perfectly healthy, attractive and single. Here are a few ways to help you get off the couch and out into the dating world.

Take a Class

Community education classes are a great way to meet people. Is there a subject you're curious about? Maybe you want to learn how to be a better dancer, cook or gardener or you're curious about astronomy. Find a community ed class that piques you're interest and sign up. Who knows? Maybe you can ask one of your single classmates to go dancing and put your new found moves to use. It doesn't cost a lot of money, or take up a whole lot of your time and even if you don't meet your soul mate at Introduction to Herb Gardening, you at least walked away with a tasty new skill.


Do you have a passion for the environment? Find a volunteer group that picks up litter at the park. Do you love animals? Volunteer to walk dogs or take care of animals at a shelter. Love kids? Help children with special needs. Call your parish office and ask if there's a group within the parish that volunteers and pitch in. If there's not, start one. Every girl loves a sensitive guy who will just do something for the love of doing it.

Hit the Gym

You want to look good naked for when that day comes, so hit the gym. Maybe try a yoga class and spread your mat down next to that cutie you've been seeing at the elliptical machine, or ask Hottie McBlack Shirt if he can spot you on the bench press.

Go Digital

I did the online dating thing. It was scary at first because I had never done it before and I was afraid that someone would find out I did it to fulfill a bet, but I did have a good time and met a couple of guys who I'm still friends with. Maybe you have a job with odd hours and you can't take classes, or you're just too shy in person to introduce yourself to someone. It's OK. That's what it's there for. You can get to know the other person for a couple of weeks and you know they aren't going to shoot you down if you ask them out on a date.

Don't Wait

Now that you have all of these fantastical ideas, don't hesitate. Being rejected is just a part of life, but if you have some tools in your bag of tricks, you'll be a lot more confident and both women and guys I know think confidence is a wonderful (and attractive) trait.

Good luck!