Are you looking to get organized in the New Year? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Quit Buying Stuff

I know, it seems so simple, but “it was on sale!” This gets me every time. Especially at Target. Just think of it this way: Stuff needs to be washed/dusted or moved for vacuuming purposes. Plus, if you don’t use it and end up getting rid of it, you’ll just feel guilty, so just leave it be.

Everything Has a Place

I know this, and you know this, but how often is it in its place? Dirty clothes go in the hamper. Clean clothes go in the dresser or closet. The purse goes in the closet. The jacket and mittens go in the closet. The boots go in the closet. Junk mail goes in the trash or the shredder. Bills go on the desk. As you’re walking through a room, look around and ask, “Does this belong here?” If the answer is no, put it where it goes. House cleaning goes much quicker if you aren’t moving things from place to place.

Like Stays With Like

I did a complete overhaul of our cupboards and drawers recently. I placed “extra __________” in one drawer in the bathroom. Extra toothpaste, extra deodorant, extra shampoo, extra conditioner, extra toothbrushes, extra soap, etc. are all in the bottom drawer, out of the way. In the middle drawer, its hair stuff. Anything that has to do with the grooming or removal of hair is in there. Blow dryer, flat iron, hair spray, clips, headbands, hair ties, razors, etc. are in there. In the top drawer are everyday items: Q tips, combs, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, floss, moisturizer, eye drops, makeup remover etc. I moved all medication out of the main bathroom and into a different one. It now lives with the heating pad and other infrequently used items. Small plastic bins and ice cube trays can also help organize smaller things like earrings and necklaces.


If you have your child’s art projects cluttering up your fridge, photos lying around, memory cards collecting dust, or pictures taking up space on your phone or cloud service, check out a website like Photobucket or Shutterfly. You send them your photos and with their help, you can design a coffee table book so they’re always ready to show off. Another great idea is to take a few select photos from vacation, or a birthday party or just favorites pictures you’ve always liked and turn them into hanging wall art. There are a few pictures from our trip to New York City that look like professional photos that we’re turning into art for our bedroom. Some places can even make the pictures look like paintings.