Are you not being challenged enough in your current position and are looking to move up the ladder? Not sure how to snag a promotion? The brilliant minds over at Forbes Magazine published an article on how to get a promotion and if anybody knows anything about business, it's Forbes.

While it's a good idea to speak up when you see a problem, you can elevate yourself in your bosses eyes when you also come to them with a solution. They may not use your idea, but at least you tried. It makes you look like you're capable of handling issues and are a problem solver rather than a whiner who's always looking to blame someone else for when things go wrong.

When something goes wrong, don't try and hide your mistake. I've done that before and it's not a good idea. When you make a booboo, speak up and take ownership. The problem is going to be smaller than the trouble you may cause when you cover things up. Also, when you speak up, others on your team are also more likely to step in and help out to get the problem solved and have as much time as possible to do it. One time, I was working on a project and was using the wrong covers and backing. I was half done before I realized what I had done and these things needed to go out that day, so I spoke up, acknowledged my mistake, and had three people in there helping me. We got it done with time to spare, but if I had kept it to myself, it wouldn't have gotten done and I likely would have lost my job because landing that account was riding on that project.

Next time you're called into a meeting, bring a notepad or a laptop and take notes. It makes you look like you're paying attention and most bosses really hate having to repeat themselves, so when they're explaining something or implementing a new policy, changing procedure, etc., write it down. Even if there is a handout in this meeting, take notes because different people learn differently and different things are important to different people. Plus, when someone has a question about something and the boss is busy, you can answer their question. Hopefully, the boss sees what you do, but again, you'll look capable and look like a leader because you were able to help out.

Don't skip an office party if you can help it. You likely don't get a lot of chances to socialize with upper management in a non work setting, so take it. If they get to know you on a more personal level, you'll have a better chance of getting a promotion. You'll look like a team player. Once, I went to a social gathering and was able to speak with a member of the corporate team and was actually given different duties because they felt I "wasn't being utilized in the proper manner" in the position I was hired for, so they shifted some of what I was doing to another member of the office and placed me in a role where I was dealing with the public more and gave me more responsibility. Little did I know that in that position I was also a fashion consultant for one of the senior directing managers. Fine by me.

Don't act like you deserve to be promoted. It's OK to be confident, but don't be arrogant. I was absolutely floored when the manager felt that I had talents that weren't being used and shifted my duties around and gave me more responsibility. I was happy just working away in the department I was in. I felt I did a good job, but when one of the supervisors took notice, that reassured me. If you feel like your work isn't being noticed, ask for a meeting and get the boss's feedback.