Need a confidence pick me up? Try these tips for an instant ego boost.

Whether you're starting a new job or a new chapter in your life and aren't so sure about things, try messing with your Facebook time line. Why should your friends get to do all the bragging? A study done by Cornell University showed that spending time editing your Facebook page and adding pictures and stories to your time line actually makes you feel better about yourself. You have a lot of awesome things going on in your life. Show it off.

Did you hit a mile stone birthday or just aren't feeling the best about your looks? Go into your closet and put on that piece of clothing you get a lot of compliments on. When you're wearing something you know you look good in, you stand up a little straighter and in turn look more confident, which can make you feel more confident.

Want to lose 10 pounds instantly? Sit up straight. Your muffin top disappears instantly. It also removes self-doubt. Researchers at Ohio State University tried it out and it worked, so the next time you're in an important meeting or giving someone a sales pitch you aren't sure you're going land, sit up straight.

Want to look like you're paying attention? Nod your head. Asking the boss for a raise? Make your case and then say to them, "I really deserve this" while nodding your head. Trying to get someone to see what you're saying? Nod your head as you say the words, "Do you see what I mean?" It makes you appear more bold and gutsy. If you still aren't sure, practice at home in the mirror until the shaking in your voice goes away.

Set a goal. Losing five pounds in two weeks, cleaning out your closet or improving your sudoku score, setting and meeting a goal does wonders for your self esteem.

How do you give yourself an ego boost?