Summertime is coming. ACK! We're pasty, we haven't shaved and now it's time for shorts, skirts and capri pants. Want to fake great legs in a hurry and on a budget? Keep reading.

I looked this up on the Internet, and all I could find were non-budget friendly remedies. I'm here to help you have great gams for around $10 or less.

Use a Hydrating Razor - The Gillette Venus Razor line is awesome. There are a lot of different choices to pick from and if you're having trouble, there's a matrix on their website that can help you pick the right razor for your skin and your budget. The razor does what you need it to do and it costs more than the Bic Daisy Razors, but it's not going to cost you a fortune and there are coupons for them all the time.

Gloss - This one is a trick used by models, celebrities and royals alike. Duchess Catherine has popularized the "buttered leg" look that's sweeping Great Britain and this is her trick. I'm sure Her Highness uses something more expensive, but for us mere mortals, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Leg Gloss will get the job done for about $9.

Soothe Those Bumps - Shaving with a dull razor and vigorously rubbing lotion into your skin after shaving can lead to bumps and ingrown hairs and no one wants to deal with that. If it's too late, try Bliss Ingrown Elimination Pads. They're $38 for 50 pads, but totally worth it. If you hate shaving, but afraid of waxing, Veet hair removal cream is spectacular and it's about $8.

Hydrate - A good tinted moisturizer is something a girl always needs in her arsenal and Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs does wonders. Again, Nivea has a ton of bath and moisturizing products for your legs, face and the rest of your body. And Nivea can do the trick for around $8.