Tired? Jittery? Bloated? Out of sorts? It could be what you're eating. Here are a few things we should be eating to help our well being. 

Need Energy?

If you're tired all the time, you may not be getting enough iron. Red meat, fish and poultry are all fantastic sources of iron. If you're not into the whole meat thing, certain beans, spinach and cereals are great sources of iron. Vitamin C will help you absorb the iron in your diet, plus vitamin C boosts your immune system, too.

Feeling Edgy?

Put down the coffee. Caffeine makes us jittery and edgy, but so does processed foods, so try and limit your intake of refined carbohydrates. Stay away from white flour that you find in cookies, sugary cereal and white bread. Base your meals and snacks on lean protein, whole grains, oats and fruits and veggies. Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole oats, chicken, fish, green vegetables and nuts are just a few examples.

Out of Sorts?

Keep leaving your phone in the fridge? Constantly losing your keys? It could be a lack of omega-3s and B vitamins. Omega-3s are a fatty acid that aids brain activity and vitamin B12 also helps brain function and boosts energy. You can get omega-3s by eating tuna and salmon. B12 can be found in certain cereals, yogurt, cheese, eggs and ham.


Vegetables are awesome, but some veggies like broccoli, beans and cabbage can cause excess gas. Carbonated beverages also don't help, either because artificial sweeteners can be hard for our bodies to break down. If you notice that you're having issues, stop eating the veggies you think may be causing your problems for a week to see if that helps. Also drink flat water instead of carbonated water. Taking probiotics may also help, too.

Feeling Cramped?

It's perfectly normal to hurt after a good workout, but lasting cramps could mean that you have a lactic acid build up due to lack of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. Bananas are a great, but so are baked potatoes, prunes and orange juice, nuts, greens and unrefined grains. Don't forget calcium for bone strength and water water water water water.