Now, the answer here isn't to just cut out forty percent of the chores or push forty percent of the chores off on someone else, but the answer is right under your nose.

Did you know that you spend almost an entire year of your life looking for things you lost? If you have a dog, you probably spend more than that just looking for your shoes.

The geniuses over at Yahoo say that just picking up your clutter can cut your housework by forty percent, now as someone who's not a big fan of housework in the first place, I think this is fantastic. Especially when it's super nice out and all I want to do is go and play.

Think about how much you spent to buy your house or how much you spend on monthly rent. It costs an average of ten dollars per square foot to store your clutter. Can't fit your car in the garage? You're not alone. One in four of us can't fit one or both cars in the garage for all the crap in there. Some people don't store their things at home. One in ten of us actually pay for a storage locker.

If you just clear the clutter day by day, you can cut your housework load by forty percent. Can't decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Play Keep It or Toss It! It's fun and I have more information for you by clicking HERE.