Thanksgiving can be a good time to introduce someone important to your family. I did it with Glen. Everyone was there in one place so it just made sense. Here are a few ways to bring a date to Thanksgiving without it being a disaster. 

Say Something

When Glen agreed to come to my family Thanksgiving, I asked Mom and Dad if it was OK, then I invited him - with a warning.

I told him that most people there were going to be cool, but there are some that may razz him or give him a hard time, ask him lots of questions, etc. I also briefed him on who to believe and who not to listen to about certain things. Dad likes war stories, one uncle likes to talk sports and business and one uncle likes B.S. He can talk to most people about anything, so he was fine, but make sure you tell your significant other what to expect when they walk in the door. So and so may say something inappropriate, so and so may try and force feed you, so and so is kind of racist; etc.

Also, let them know that Uncle Bob's drinking problem is off limits, don't mention you're against plastic surgery because Cousin Kelly is obsessed with it, and don't talk about your hatred for cats because Aunt Suzie is a cat lady.

Don't Say You're Sorry

Don't apologize for your family. They're a part of who you are. Also, don't say you're sorry about your date. Especially if you and your date are in a serious relationship. Your date is also a large part of you and they may be family by next Thanksgiving, so they should respect that.

Bring Something

Besides the new love of your life, bring something to share. Whether it's a bottle of wine, a jello salad or a case of beer to pass around, bringing something can take the focus off you and your date.

Calm Down

Speaking of wine, have a glass and calm down. Spending the holidays with family can be stressful for everyone, so just try and chill out. If you're in a tizzy, it's going to whip others into a froth and that's when it gets awkward.