I was pulling away from a stop light this morning on Highway 10 and I was passed by someone who had to be doing a hundred miles an hour. Seriously. After I was done choking on their dust, I saw that they had been pulled over and thought "There's no excuse for driving that fast." So, as we head out for our summer vacations or up to the cabin for this coming Memorial Day weekend, here are some ways you may be able to avoid a speeding ticket. 

Not speeding is number one and this is just the Reader's Digest version of the Reader's Digest version. For the actual Reader's Digest version, click HERE.

Your Car Says a Lot - As the nice officer is walking up to your car to have a chat with you about the way you're driving, they take notice of what you're driving. It's a good rule of thumb anyway to keep your vehicle well maintained, but also keep it clean inside and out. Also keep it free of bumper stickers, after market spoilers, tinted windows and neon lights. Make sure your car says "I am a law abiding citizen".

Don't Admit It - Don't admit you were speeding, but don't be evasive and shady. Get through the encounter as quickly and as politely as possible. Being sarcastic and asking sarcastic questions is not going to help your case. Say things like "I see", "I understand" and "I was not aware I was speeding". You don't want them to remember anything about you except that you were polite and did as you were told.

Don't Speed - Hello! One way to stay away from the police is to not attract their attention in the first place. Always be aware of the speed limit where you're driving, pay attention to the road, don't text, be aware of the laws regarding hand held and hands free cell phone use, wear your seat belt and don't drink and drive.