I recently heard someone say they hadn't washed clothes in like two months. I thought that sounded a little disgusting, so I dug around and found out the truth about how often clothes really need washing. 

When I first saw this, I had to read through it a few times before it sunk in. I can't believe how many times we can wear certain garments.

Jeans - Good jeans are the answer to everything, but durable jeans are good at masking just how dirty they are, so you can wear them quite a few times before they really need washing. Overwashing can cause unwanted fading and freying, so unless that's the look you're going for, wash your jeans inside out in cold water and hang them on the clothes line to dry. When you first put them on they're going to be a bit stiff, but you're going to get a lot of miles out of them and they'll loosen up within a few hours of first putting them on.

Dress Pants or Khakis - You can wear these four to five times before they need to be washed or more if you change out of them and into "play clothes" when you get home from work. If your pants are part of a suit, even if the jacket isn't dirty, dry clean them together.

Skirts - If you aren't doing anything strenuous in a skirt, you can also get a few wears out of your skirts before you have to wash them. A-line or bubble hem skirts you can wear even more before washing because they don't skim the body that much.

Blazers - If they're layered over a blouse or camisole, they don't require that many washings. Your blazer, though, could absorb food odors, smoke or purfume, so air it out near a window or spritz with Downy Wrinkle Releaser before you hang it up in your closet.

Unmentionables - Bras don't come in direct contact with your underarms, so you can wear them a few times, but don't wear the same one two days in a row or your could stretch it out.

Tops and Dresses - The key here is to not over use deodorant to avoid staining them. Also, inspect them closely before putting the iron to them so you don't set stains. If your dress is formal or semi formal, dry clean it after every time you wear it.

Swimsuits - Salt and chlorine are great for eating away at material and stretching out the fibers before their time. Hand wash your swimsuit with cool water and a detergent for delicates. Also letting it air dry is going to extend its life. If you're going on a beach vacation, bring two and alternate swimsuits or bring a small bottle of detergent along in your luggage so you can wash your swimsuit when you get back to your room. That way it will be clean and ready for you to hit the waves the next day.

T-shirts, Tank Tops, and Camisoles - These all have direct contact with your body, so they should be treated like under things. Wash them after every time you wear them and wash them in hot water.

How about you? Are you shocked at how many times you can wear certain pieces or are you relieved that you don't have to do laundry as often as you thought?