There are a lot of gifts that my true love gave to me as part of the 12 Days of Christmas and a wealth management group has put together a study to find out how much all of that stuff will cost if you actually bought it all. 

For the first time ever, PNC Wealth Management says that if you bought all of the gifts will cost you over $100 thousand dollars. And the song says you don't give each gift once.

The cost is up 4.4% from last year for a total of $101, 119.84 but you can give each of the gifts just once for a cost of $24, 263.18 and that's up 3.5% from last year. Makes sense to me to give each gift just once because what the heck is someone going to do with 30 french hens?

The biggest price jumps are the partridges and turtle doves, but the most expensive gift on the list isn't the gold. It's the seven swans a swimming. The swans cost $900 each and that doesn't include swimming accommodations. The only gift that fell in price were the calling birds. The birds went from $599.96 to $519.96.

Here's the full breakdown:

1. Partridge $15 + Pear Tree $169.99 = $184.99

2. Turtle Doves $125

3. French Hens $150

4. Calling Birds $519.66

5. Gold Rings $645

6. Geese a Laying $162

7. Swans a Swimming $6,300 (Not including the swimming pool.)

8. Maids a Milking make $7.25 an hour minimum wage for a grand total of $58.

9. Ladies Dancing $6,294.03 which is almost $700 per lady.

10. Lords a Leaping $4,766.70

11. Pipers Piping $2,427.60

12. Drummers Drumming $2,629.90

Here's a secret. If you wait until midnight on December 26 because everything will be 75% off anyway.