We talked about how much it costs to have a happy marriage on the Get Up & Go Show this morning. I'm still blown away that people actually spend anywhere near $30K a year on a wedding and honeymoon. That said, besides the lingerie and jewelry, I think its spot on. What do you think?

1. $30,000 for a wedding and honeymoon.

2. $2,000 a year for date nights. That's three dates a month at around $55 each.

3. $800 a year for nights in. That's three nights a month and includes the cost of a Netflix subscription, iTunes movie downloads, drinks, and snacks.

4. $435 a year for gifts and surprises.

5. $680 a year for jewelry.

6. $277 a year for lingerie. Remember, these are the costs for a HAPPY marriage, and that's going to include lingerie once in a while.

7. $232 a year on clothes and shoes for special occasions.

8. $922 a year on weekends away.

9. $2,400 a year on vacations.

That adds up to $7,746 total every year. Over 45 years of marriage, plus the $30K for the wedding, it adds up to about $381,000.

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