According to a new survey, 60% of parents provide their kids with an allowance.  The average person says $4 a week for kids 4 to 9, $9 for kids 10 to 13 and a whopping $16 for kids 14-17.  We put the question to our listeners on Facebook and most disagreed.

Here's how they felt about paying an allowance in their households.

Kathy -Hahaha! Never did, never will! You do stuff at home because you're part of a FAMILY, not because you're paid to do it! Besides, I don't get paid for all the things I do as a mom, so...

Jessica -I think its a good life lesson to teach that if you want something in life you should work for it. granted its not a lot it teaches the value.

Shannon -They should pay me for all of the stuff they destroy!

Susie -My brothers and I never got an allowance, we just had to do our share. My kids are 6 & 4 and I am not sure if I will do allowances with the rate they clean now, they will never see a penny.

Vickie - Nope they get a cell phone and clothes and food and extra if available. Why should I pay them money on top of it mine you my kids have basically no chores.

Karl -Not a set allowance. But when they need something like a few dollars for something for school, they get it. Or they get things at the store if they ask and are deserving.

Brittany -When I was a kid, I'd help around the house because I had to. But when my mom went out shopping, she'd always get me something, whether it was a book or a pair of socks I really liked, or a shirt, or my favorite snack... but mostly books.