The entire country is cold. Or at least most of it. But we in Minnesota know the coldest of the cold. So, what are you doing to get through it? This morning when I walked out to my car, I thought to myself, "hmmm....I haven't really felt that cold this week." That's because I go from my warm home to my warm car to the warm radio station. I have an automatic car starter, warm clothes and a hot cup of coffee when I get to work. I am blessed for sure. Or crazy for living here.

Here's how we stay sane through the long winter months:

Cindy: Just by making sure we get out and do something at least once a week. A movie, lunch, or just walking through a warm, bright mall.

Pete: Tanning. Even though I'm not a regular tanner, spending some time in a warm tanning bed once in awhile makes me feel better in the winter.

Jim: Embrace it rather than fight it. I do that by snowmobiling and getting outside to enjoy it.

How do you get through a tough winter in Minnesota? Let us know how you keep your sanity through the long winter months. Maybe you'll inspire the rest of us to venture out and enjoy it!