Adele, I am so in love with your amazing vocal talent, I love 'Rolling In The Deep' Even with this new fame and glory after releasing her second album swirling around her pretty little head, Adele says she will always stay true to herself. She even has rules to prevent herself form selling out.

"I think it's shameful when you sell out. It depends what kind of artist you wanna be but I don't want my name anywhere near another brand. I don't wanna be tainted or haunted. I don't want to be in everyone's face. I'm a big music fan and I get really p----d off when it gets like that and I don't want people to get like that with me."

Adele even says she won't do music festivals. Claiming her music is too slow and her fear of a big audience keeps her off the big stage. I give her props to not selling out, yet. Too many times "regular" people lose out on promotional gigs that are given to celebrities. They make enough money. I get we want to drive this car because so and so said so. Or I need to eat this food because so and so says its the best. I will sell out in a second! Money can buy you happiness. Getting out of debt will make me very happy.

I also love the fact that Adele embraces her curves! Work it girl! The media needs to understand that just because someone is plus sized does not mean they are unhealthy. It does not make them sell less music. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be thin it's unbelievable. And really Adele is not a big girl. Everyone around her is just too darn skinny. Granted she has lost weight since she first came to light in 2006, she's still the grunt of the fat jokes. Rock what you got Adele, I think you are amazing!

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