ST. CLOUD -- Late night study sessions, crazy parties and many movie nights once took place behind the doors of St. Cloud State University's residential hall, W.W. Holes Hall.

St. Cloud State announced earlier this year that both Holes Hall and sister student residence, Stearns Hall are slated for demolition.

Current students, past students and employees came out today (Saturday) to the Remember W.W. Holes Hall event.

Holes Hall was not open for the event, but photo albums and other displays were set up in Stearns Hall.

Everyone was able to share memories and get one last tour of the tunnels beneath Holes and Stearns Hall before saying their final farewell.

Clair Porter lived on the 6th floor of Holes Hall back when big hair, scrunchies and shoulder pads were in style. She says one of her best memories of living in Holes was the day the boys in the hall decided to have a "best legs" competition.

"We had a curtain up and all the guys came with shorts and garters on, we [the girls] didn't know who it was and we had to choose the best one." --Porter

So many people have fond memories of the hall and some don't agree with the decision to tear it down. Former SCSU employee, Ron Fink says the buildings should be remodeled or used for other purposes.

"I think it's really ridiculous [to tear down Holes and Stearns Hall] they are only 50 some years old, look at all these buildings in downtown St. Cloud they were built in the 1800s and are still being used, they [the owners] refurbished them." --Fink

SCSU says due to its small rooms, large common bathrooms and modest amenities Holes and Stearns Hall are no longer appealing to young people.

Holes Hall was built in 1965 and is named after the late St. Cloud businessman Wilbur W. Holes.