As we're going through doing the spring cleaning, here are a few hidden places where germs like to hide. 

We have wooden floors in our house and a linoleum floor in the kitchen and bathrooms, so there are a few spots where we keep rugs to catch dust and dirt from the outside. Did you know that germs like to grow under those rugs? Neither did I. I do roll up the rugs and shake them outside just to put the sand and dirt back into its natural habitat, but have you ever vacuumed the underside of the rug? That's where the real dirt and germs like to hang out. All you have to do is just flip the rug over and vacuum the underside really well to get it out of there.

Have you ever thought about what kind of germs are hanging out on your credit card? How many times per day do you handle it and have you ever thought about how many other people handle your card and how many other cards they're handling? Not everyone is as good as you are at washing their hands. Once, I watched a cashier cough into her hand, wipe her nose and then take my credit card. Ew. Every now and again it's a good idea to give your credit cards a rub down with an alcohol wipe. Really get in those grooves around your name and the numbers. Same goes for your phone.

I took a look at the inside of the trash can in my house the other day and I just about heaved right into it. If the inside of your trash can is a little iffy, this is a project best done outside in the driveway or patio. Take a bleach based spray and spray the can down inside and outside and let it stand for 10 minutes or so and then hose it down well and allow the can to air dry before you put another trash bag inside. It's also a good idea to do the same thing for your recycling bin.

What's on top of your refrigerator? How about under it or behind it? Yikes! When we were buying our house, we had an inspection done and the inspector kept saying over and over again, "You don't know how these people lived" in a somewhat alarming fashion. The more we cleaned, the more we realized he was cautioning us because when we pulled out the refrigerator, we found a taco underneath it and about an inch of dust and grease on top and eight years worth of crud behind it. It's a good idea to wipe the whole thing down when you do the surface and the handles. Vacuum behind it and use a grease cutting cleaner on the top. It's shocking how much stuff accumulates up there.

For some reason, every time Glen uses my vacuum cleaner, it makes the most God awful noises. I don't know if he does this on purpose or what, but at least he's vacuuming. The last time I told him to turn it off and unplug it because I knew exactly what was wrong. Do you have pets or long hair? Have you ever turned your vacuum over to look at the brushes? It's amazing how much stuff gets tangled in there. Make sure it's off and unplugged and take a scissors and cut out the tangles. Check your owners manual for exactly how to clean any other pieces, parts and attachments.