If you find this sign (above), you have found my favorite place to grab a burger.

This drive in has the tastiest burgers in SW Minnesota, maybe all of Minnesota, in a town called Luverne. Luverne is where I started my radio career in 2010 and where I found this burger gem.

It's JJ's Tasty Drive In. A local favorite and a must stop joint when Brittany and I head back down to her parents house in a neighboring town.

JJ's is your classic drive-in restaurant, where you can walk right up to an outside ordering window for your burger, soft serve or whatever your taste buds desire that day.


Matt Fallon/TSM

If you go inside, you get the story of JJ's and classic motorcycles... and the best burgers around.


Matt Fallon/TSM

Doesn't look like anything special, until you sink your teeth into those juicy patties and can't stop saying "MMMM". Excuse me while I go wipe of chin.

I opted for the bacon double cheese this trip, when you pass through and try JJ's, order the GRIZZLY burger and you'll be in a happy place.