To start vacation, six of us headed down to TCF Bank Stadium to catch the Vikings vs. Giants game, that wasn't really a game at all, as the Vikings destroyed the New York Football Giants 49-17.

The atmosphere of the stadium was insane as this win set us up to face the Packers the following Sunday night in Green Bay for the NFC North Championship... if you're not sure who won, as Chad Taylor.

The Vikings domination was fun to watch, but the real fun was being home 11-straight days with my daughter and having my mom come up and visit for five days.

We spent a lot of time outside.

Matt Fallon

This kid loves being pulled in the sled, fast, but every time we go past our blow up Christmas decoration of Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa Claus, we had to stop so she could say "Hi" and clap cause Mickey was "awake"... meaning I plugged him in and he wasn't rolled up in a pile on the ground.

Shay, after sledding, would want to go for walk (cause what energy did she just burn for the last hour being pulled around), so we would walk up and down the side of the road.

But when she decided she was tired...

Matt Fallon

She would just plop down and rest for a minute, or until we started walking away and then she felt we were too far away and would come running... more like waddling, down the street.

Then over New Year's weekend, we headed to my in-laws place for Christmas.

Matt Fallon

Where Shay continued her streak of being spoiled by grandma and papa.

She met Frosty and was amazed by him for a while and would give him hugs.

Matt Fallon

With all the toys and craziness going on at grandma and papa's house, she never did forget to brush her teeth... although she did have to sit on the landing of the steps to get the job done.

Matt Fallon