Our friends over at Match.com recently released the results of their annual study on 'Singles in America.' Here are some of the highlights.

*Men are more likely to think about marriage on a first date than women. 56% of the men picture what it would be like to be tied down to the other person on the first date, compared to only 48% of women.

*Woman that rocked 'RED HAIR' climax more often than both Blondes and Brunettes.

*Women who had an Android climax more often then those that have iPhones.

*62% of single people want to have way more sex this year than they did in 2013. That's a no brainer! I think married people want the same thing, but that's just me.

*10 pm was ranked the most ideal time to get it on!

*The average single spends only $62 a month on dating.

*63% of people have gotten down in their ride, 56% in their parents house and a small 4% have joined the mile high club (lucky).

For more results and info, check out Match.com.