I've been on a healthy food journey for several months now (some days better than others) so whenever I see a story about foods that are good for you, I stop to read it. Here are some interesting combinations of foods that can not only help you lose weight, but help you with various other issues as well.


Seltzer + grape juice
The benefit:
Boosts heart health
Grape juice contains a phytochemical called resveratrol found in the skin of red and purple grapes. Research links resveratrol to lower blood pressure, reduced LDL cholesterol, and fewer blood clots. I like Seltzer. I like grape juice. Easy combination.
Nonfat Greek yogurt + strawberries
The benefit:
Maintains more muscles
Greek yogurt packs twice the protein of ordinary yogurt, and protein is essential for building, repairing, and maintaining muscles, which burn more calories than fat. Strawberries add a burst of natural sweetness. I've recently started eating Greek yogurt. The key is to buy the nonfat type and add your own fruit.

Low-fat pudding + nonfat powdered milk
The benefit:
Eases PMS symptoms
Sprinkling 1/3 cup of nonfat powdered milk into pudding satisfies 40% of your day's calcium and 50 to 100% of your vitamin D requirements, depending on your age. Research shows that the combination of calcium and vitamin D reduces the risk of developing PMS. Ease PMS symptoms? Bring it on.

Salsa + chickpeas
The benefit:
Helps you lose weight
Adding chickpeas to a light dip like salsa adds bulk without lots of calories and boosts your intake of protein, so you fill up faster and feel fuller. Plus, eating chickpeas regularly may also improve your overall food choices. I have both in my cupboard right now. Easy!

Scrambled eggs + red peppers
The benefit:
Smoother skin
Tossing in 1/2 cup of chopped red peppers delivers more than 100% of your daily vitamin C needs--which spells good news for your skin. Researchers in the United Kingdom looked at vitamin C intake in 4,025 women and found that those who ate more vitamin C had less wrinkling and dryness. I've been putting jalapeno peppers in my eggs. I wonder if that counts?