One home furnishings chain says you likely have been regifted whether you know it or not. Here are the numbers. 

Home Goods conducted a study about our gift giving habits and the study says two out of three people suspect it, only half admit it and one out of three have done it more than one time. Why?

The number one reason is because the recipient just didn't like what they got. Another reason is that they gave away one of their presents because it was a duplicate. One in four say they regifted because they couldn't afford to buy a new one. Three in five said they thought the person they were giving it to would appreciate it more.

Those mandatory gift exchanges at work  also often lead to regifting. Two in five say they got a gift that wasn't their style or that they had no use for and half of people say that the regift has come from outside their family. One in four of those came from coworkers.

Have you regifted or suspect that you've been regifted? What's the worst present you've ever gotten and did you regift it?