It's OFFICIALLY summertime--happy first day of summer, central Minnesota! I've always thought it to be a little strange summer didn't officially start until the end of June, because it has been feeling a whole lot like summer all month long.

If you're wondering why summer doesn't start until June, I've got you covered! Summer starts around June 20th every year because it's the "summer" solstice in the Norther Hemisphere. Basically, it's not summer until the sun reaches the northernmost point of our equator.

So, what exactly does that even mean? Today is the longest day of the year! The sun won't officially set until about 10:34 p.m. tonight. Some people celebrate this "holiday" in other countries by eating all day long--not a bad way to celebrate if you ask me.

Today also marks the start of the strawberry season--and I don't know about you, but I LOVE strawberries! The "strawberry moon" happens tonight, and this only happens once every 70 years. Don't worry, the moon won't look like a giant strawberry or anything. That's just the nickname they give the moon during the month of June. This year is special because the full moon lands on the summer solstice. Happy first day of summer!