I wanted to take a chance to say Happy Father's Day to all the Father's that listen to the Mix!  Its the most rewarding job on the planet and a role I can't get enough of.  I'm blessed to have some wonderful children who make me feel special every single day, especially on Father's Day (hint hint).  My youngest daughter isn't so good at keeping secrets, so I'm sure I will be able to find out what they got me this year without having to wait another 48 hours.

Whatever you do this weekend, make it count!  Spend time with the ones you love and the ones who deserve your time!  Your family are the most important people in your life and the ones who will love you unconditionally.  When the smoke clears and when its all said and done, they are the ones who will have your back.  I'm trying to do even more with my family including stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.

There is so much to see and do in this great state.  Explore Minnesota and find some things to do right here locally.  We had a broadcast this morning from Clear Waters Outfitting Company in Clearwater, take the crew on a paddling excursion and explore the mighty Mississippi (its only $25.00 per adult and kids 12 and under ride in canoe free).  Check out the amazing State Parks or Bike Trails that surround the St. Cloud metro.  If your a kid at heart, which most of us Dad's are, hit up Summerland and take a ride on the Go-Karts.

Dad's enjoy your special day and never take the important role you play for granted!  Enjoy :)