Kelly Cordes 2014

For the first part of my life, she was Mamma.  yep.  I didn't call her mom....or was Mamma.  There are some women in life that a person looks up to, for various things, whether it be a teacher, a friend, a relative..Someone that might show you how to do things you've never been able to do.

But when it comes to my mom, there is no one in the world that could top her.  She has turned 35 this year (again), and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to have her as a mom.

My mom always worked when I was young.  I remember how she always looked so perfectly put together everyday that she left for the office.  She was and still is...always timely.  Organized?  I think that's her middle name. Professional?  Absolutely. Driven? She is retired and still...always busy. She bakes, watches grandchildren, keeps a beautiful house, gardens, cooks, plans, organizes....There's nothing my mother can't do. She's kind and knows what she wants. She's always been strong.

It's been a blessing to me to be able to move back to Minnesota where I can finally spend time with my mom and dad. Mom tries to take care of everyone..cousins, kids, grandkids, and I just can't think of anyone that deserves more.  Happy 35th Birthday Mom!