I don't know why it seems like time is flying by, but when I look at that little boy who called me lovingly, "Fat Mommy,"  now 6'2....I would like to stop the clock. This weekend, his older Brother Tanner, now 16, cousin Brock, 15 and my nephew Sawyer, 3.

Kelly Cordes


I like to make cakes for my boys, if I can.  Mason requested a Lemon Strawberry combo. So this was a three layer cake, with a delicious almond vanilla powdered sugar frosting.  I couldn't think of a creative way to decorate his cake, so since he loves Lindor chocolates, I thought covering his cake with the delicious little morsels would be an extra added treat. I wish I had a picture of the expression on his face when he saw his cake!  It was a hit.

The party lasted from Friday to Sunday, with his great friends and family.  Cousin Nick Hunn also was able to attend. Nick is a fantastic hockey player and was in tournaments all weekend, so he arrived later Saturday evening.

The weekend was a success. Happy Birthday Mason! I love you!