"Your Child Has Cancer." As a parent, there are few phrases a doctor can utter that would take the wind out of you faster. It was that phrase that took the breath out of Heidi and husband, Aaron, on May 14th, 2009.

Here's her description from her Caring Bridge blog "prayforalex":

On May 14th, 2009 after field day, Alex had come into my classroom after school. I noticed a bulge coming from the left side of his neck. I took him directly to the clinic. We went right over to our appointment not expecting what was to change our lives.

Alex and I sat in a doctors office to find out that he does have Hodgkin's Lymphoma .

Recently From Heidi's Blog:

I know all of you are praying daily for Alex that this finally works and that we are rid of cancer and that it no longer takes control of our lives. I want to leave on April 5th rejoicing that we have conquered this with everything inside of us. As we have said so many times, God is always in control of this and he already knows what the outcome is on April 5th before we even arrive. Take care and keep praying:)

April 6th, 2012.  This is the 5th time Alex has relapsed. "I did get the final call of Alex's PET scan this morning. We are sad to say, but the cancer is back in several areas. Many are in areas that he has never had Hodgkins. We head to the cities in a few hours for treatment and a new plan. We were here 1 year ago this week saying the same thing. This is as always a hard day. We have hopes and dreams for our children and want things to be so normal, but this kicks you back harder each time. Thanks for your continuous prayers. God is always in control! "

The Landwehrs

I hope there is room for Alex's story in all of our homes, and that we all find ways to lighten the load for our friends, neighbors and family members struggling quietly, heroically, every single day, to keep their children alive.

Calling ALL Angels to our Hamburger Feed For Alex Landwehr.  Tom Frericks has kindly offered to donate all the food for this cause.

Date:  Monday, April 30th, 2012
Place:  Ultimate Sports Bar 1101 Division Street (before Parkwood 18 theaters)
Time:  4pm to 8pm
Cost:  $5 per hamburger meal, all proceeds will benefit the Landwehr familyDonations:  A donation box will be available with envelopes for your donations and note cards for your words of hope and inspiration to the Landwehr family.

Donations can also be made to the Alex Landwehr medical expense fund at St. Augusta Bank Office, 24952 County Road 7,  St. Augusta, MN 56301.