Tonight at 10 I will be playing the debut album from Haley Reinhart who places third on the 10th Season of American Idol. Listen Up! was released on May 22nd and Haliens are loving her debut! Hope you can join our listening party tonight! Here is my review of Listen Up!

Oh My! (Featuring B.O.B.)

Very strong vocals kick off Haley's debut album. The moment the song started I swear I was listening to a young Amy Winehouse. I love Amy's blues, jazz fusion and her vocals. The songs is "like a firecracker blowing up the sky." In my opinion, the best first song on the debut album to have! The song features B.O.B. who collaborates with a bunch of artists, and he brings the song to life even more! "Got a speeding ticket for living my life too fast." The song is hot and I hope this is her next single we play on Mix 949.


Her first single is the second track on the album that we have been playing for weeks. A very chill, relax outside and bask in the sun. "This tug of war can't go on anymore, nobody wins from this misery." So true in life. Ever date someone just for the sake of dating someone and it's not even fun anymore? Cut the loss and stop wasting your time and his/hers. It's a ballad with an uptempo in my mind. A pretty decent debut song for the radio. Wish it would have been the second single released, but if you have read my reviews before, you know I am more of an uptempo, let's dance kind of gal.


"They say what you don't know it can never hurt." The truth that we just don't want to say, so yes, technically we "can't call you a liar..." Hiding the truth from a parent, friend, lover, safe to say we have all been there either on the receiving end or the one that's hiding.

Wasted Tears

What a throw back feel to the song. Channeling Gloria Gaynor with "I Will Survive." A 2012 version of the 70's. You go Haley! This song makes me want to hop on the stage and do karaoke, and I don't sing in public! "Boy you really made me look a fool. You stole my heart and left it black and blue." "Turns out that every night, all I cried was wasted tears." So young singing about heartbreak. Bigger and better on the way honey! But man, if all "love sucks" songs were this upbeat!


"I'm unraveling, looking for things that'll never be..." A not so upbeat heartache song. The song you will listen to on repeat after someone you cared for breaks your heart. I know Haliens say she only sounds like herself, but when I was singing along, I pictured myself as Rihanna singing. It's never a bad thing to be compared to other artists. I would see it as a compliment.

Now That You're Here

A funky blues pop infused Love isn't so bad song! "Not that you're, there's no one else for me." With all the love songs that are playing on radio stations around the globe, NTYH brings the energy to love. A very Sara Bareille "Love Song" but the opposite because it is a love song Haley wanted to record.


Another you and I are together, lovey dovey song. Not one of my favorites on the album. The sixth song in a row about love, I get it. You are young and you want to find your man. "Come on sister, stand up for love. Come on everybody, raise up for love. Come on sister, no more crying. It's around the corner, ain't no denying." That is a phrase I am personally not a fan of. What if love isn't around the corner? It's your close friend telling you time and time again that love is out there. You will find your one person you were meant to be with. If you are single, it's like a constant reminder that you are single, except we may be OK with being single for the time being. Nothing wrong with not being in love or wanting to find it any time soon.

Keep Coming Back

Another Amy Winehouse sound to Haley. I enjoy listening to Amy and I love that Haley has her own style that is similar to Amy. "Am I the only one who really knows you? So why'd you keep coming back. I thought your bags were already packed." The on again off again couple. They can't seem to make it work, but they know they care for the other person. We don't always know why we keep going back or they keep coming back. I may keep coming back to this song as I am in a "find love, want to be single" type of mood lately.

Hit The Ground Runnin'

Jazz fusion mixed with Haley and another love themed song. But, this one is a little more fun and very catchy! It's my style right now. "I got this wild heart, no it can't be tamed." The bluesy single ladies anthem. "This spirit's gotta be free. I hit the ground runnin...." Go on, be yourself, don't form to what someone wants you to be!

Walking On Heaven

The final track on the album is the perfect road trip song. Roll the windows down and belt out the lyrics.  "We'll find that love and peace of mind." Turn the radio up and just let the wind blow through your hair. "Free your mind and let it go." While listening to this song at my desk I just want to run outside hop in the car and roll all the windows down and sing with Haley. A great song to end the album.

Overall I would give Haley's album, Listen Up! a solid B. The first album is always the toughest one to make, I would guess. What do you want your fans to hear? So much to say but what songs will be the best. Looking forward to her second album when she has grown up a little and has more than a handful of months to put out an album. Little too much about love for me. But overall, very impressed. Hailey is a versatile artist that can bring in different elements to an album.

My Favorite Songs: Oh My!, Wasted Tears, Hit The Ground Runnin', Walking On Heaven.

What are your thoughts on the album? Share you favorite songs and your own review below!