I found an article the other day that talked about the red flags that gals need to watch for when dating. Drinks too much, checks his phone constantly, talks about his ex, etc. But what about the guys? What do they see in women that makes them (or SHOULD make them) run as fast as they can?

I asked some of the guys around the office for their opinions on this, and here's what they had to say:

Pete: Someone who takes everything personally.

Jim: Someone too needy. Needs constant affirmation. Bye-Bye

Mark: Talking about all her ex's on a first date--and sitting on her cell phone the whole time.

Chad: Me Me Me Me Me!  When it's all about her, it's time to walk (run) away.


Some of the other answers:

She has no female friends.

She cries about stupid stuff.

A dead giveaway that she's crazy, is by how many people she has problems with at work. 1-2 can by typical. 3-4 makes you skeptical. 5+ means she's the problem. Run.

She says "I don't cause the drama, but it always seems to find me"   hahahahahaha

What are some red flags that would make you run?