The sexy Halloween costume ladies may freak out your man and here's why:

  • Sexy Nuns best keep religion out of it, maybe cause of too much in a way of underlying themes.


  • Sexy Freddy Krueger is saying that any anything as terrifying as Freddie isn't sexy, I mean really the knives in hand say it all.


  • A sexy Disney costume says our childhood stuff needs much separation from hot women.


  • Sexy animals might be a bit too much, it creeps guys out, simply put if it's not lingerie with cute little ears you might be pushing it.

It's that time of the year when the ladies get to go the limit on the costume thing and tie in that sexy appeal but it's possible they miss the mark with certain costumes.

You might find that a lot of them are supposed to be sexy but really freak the guys out.

Personally I say let your wild side soar.