It started with New Kids on the Block back in 2008 and may continue this summer with 98 Degrees!  Boy Bands are back and hotter than ever!

So what's the appeal to these middle aged guys singing such classics as "Hanging Tough" and "Give Me Just One Night"?

I'll tell you what it is,  good- clean- fun.  These guys bring their fans back to a time when life was much simpler.  When all you had to worry about was what you were going to wear to school the next day and who loved Jordan Knight the most, was it Tracy Schaffner or Lynn Hughes? Just look for the Joey Mac posters inside your girlfriends junior high locker or the "I love Nick" button on your sisters favorite jean jacket .  It's a time that these (mostly) women will never forget and will always embrace.

So for the critics who said these bands would never last and would never be remembered, who's laughing now?

I've had the pleasure to work with some of these bands over the years and believe they have been severely underrated.  You can't deny the fact that they can sing, dance and entertain audiences.  Have you ever heard Jordan Knight's falsetto? Or seen Jeff Timmons work in a recording studio?  These guys bring more to the table than you can imagine and have contributed in most cases to the song writing, production and mixing of some of your favorite hit records.

With the new wave of  "boy bands" making their mark on the music scene; One Direction, Big Time Rush and The Wanted, best believe that these type of acts are here to stay and will always have a place on the Billboard charts.

It's also time for guys to drop the "I hate N-Sync" act and embrace the fact that they  secretly either (A) wanted to be apart of the band or (B) rocked out to the "Backstreet Boys" greatest hits!

I've always been a fan and I'm very proud to call them my "friends".  So if your down with Donnie D or can't get enough of Justin Timberlake, raise your hands in the air and wave um around like you just don't care!

Okay, here's your chance -- tell us who you still love.