I love to grill out...Is there anyone who dislikes the taste of grilled food anywhere?  All I can say is, the more we grill together, the happier we all will be.  Try these neat ideas on your grill this holiday weekend!


What?  Grilled glazed donuts?  That's sounds delicious. I've never dared putting those kind of items on the blessed grill!  But why not?! Make full use out of that outdoor cooking. About 15 seconds a side, and you'll have re fluffed glazed donuts that will natually carmalize, and wow...what a flavor.


So this got me thinking...If we can throw donuts on a grill?  How about cookie dough? What would the grill do to a chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookie?  Put the cookie dough on a perforated cookie sheet on the top rack, or move the coals to the opposite side.  The circulating heat will give you a great tasting cookie.


Throwing your salad greens on the grill for just a few seconds on both sides can really give you a tasty change from your average everday salad. There's nothing like that charcoaled taste coming through in your greens.


Of course....You've probably tried this one. The nice grilly charcoal taste of a pizza on the grill.  Grilling it can give it a nice crisp dry crust, while giving a full filling taste to the top. Try it out!


Send me a picture and recipe of your new age grilled items and we'll share them with the Mix949 community. Send to Kelly@mix949.com.