I don't sit down with a good book nearly as often as I would like to. Maybe with the coming of warmer weather, it will happen. I love to be outside when I'm reading, and obviously this past winter wasn't optimal for outdoor reading. Since I haven't read a new book lately myself, I turned to the experts for advice on what to read this month. Here are a few choices.

'Red Moon' by Benjamin Percy: This one is all about werewolves. Vampires are SO yesterday. 

'The Baker Street Translation' by Michael Robertson: A good Sherlock Holmes story.

'Angel's Gate' by P.G. Sturges: This book follows a character named Dick Henry who is an ex-cop turned fixer. A good mystery.

'Frozen in Time' by Mitchell Zuckoff: This is a non-fiction book about a military plane crash on Greenland's Ice Cap in 1942.

'A Delicate Truth' by John le Carre: John is the spy fiction king. And here's another good one from him.

You can read more about these books, including excerpts here: http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/06/living/books-may-must-reads/index.html?hpt=li_t4