It's true, it's funny watching your grandparents try to program the DVR or have a video chat, but they have skill that you've heard of, but probably don't poses that you probably don't.

Seven skills your grandparents have that you, probably, don't:

1. Cooking from scratch. Before microwaves and TV dinners, people just had to know how to work with what they had, and make it taste good.

2. Sewing. Holes in jeans were not a style then, so your grandparents actually sat down and fixed them. Men too, they had to do it by themselves in the Army.

3. Canning. There are actually people who continue to do canning, but 50-years-ago, just about everybody did it.

4. Ironing. Your grandparents used to iron everything off the clothesline. Now, we just iron dress clothes.

5. Meeting people in PERSON, using WORDS, TALKING.

6. Haggling. Before everything was sold in chain big box stores, people used to haggle a lot. Now you never even get to try, except on Craigslist and at the car dealership.

7. Writing letters. Your grandparents used to write letters all the time, with pen and paper, and mail them in envelopes. I still write letters back and forth with my nephew and nieces, even though we talk on the phone pretty often.