Packing for a trip can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process of getting to your destination. A lot has to do with where you're going and what type of trip,i.e., a road trip or maybe a cruise hanging out at a theme park.

I don't think anyone likes carrying around a lot of bags, so if you pack efficiently you can pack small and still take what you need and be okay, it's all about being prepared.

Planning ahead is a key for weather conditions, like going from warm climate to cold or vice versa. What gets you by because your packing space will be precious. Packing warm items of clothing, dressing in layers yet be comfortable, it's all acceptable.

Do a little research of your destination, culture has a lot to do with your apparel (what are the locals wearing), especially for restaurants (dress codes), slacks, skirts, shorts, even scarves.

Feel and be comfortable, match your clothes to look presentable, no need for the complete outfit.

The trip may involve a cruise which involves many things or activities, in some cases you might want to bring your own equipment for say maybe tennis, pack sunscreen,sunglasses,swimsuit, shorts, and possibly a sunhat if you have light skin just to help protect your face from the sun ( it can get warm out there, as the sun reflects from the water and the UV rays increase). A dressier type wardrobe may be needed on board for some of the special dining areas on board, and pack a folding bag for souvenirs.

The theme park means a lot of walking, comfortable shoes would be a plus. Warm weather might be a factor there during daytime hours so again sunscreen, at night might get cool and a light sweater or jacket works.

The road trip obviously means you can bring more and unique items like bikes, skateboards, camping gear of all types, a cooler for beverages,sandwiches,snacks etc... You have a lot more options traveling car versus by plane or rail. Your roadmap or GPS come in handy too so you don't waste a lot time getting around.

I think the last thing you want to have to worry about is your suitcase. Your vacation should be all about the adventure while relaxing and having fun.